Mar 06
Musings, Ghosts, Paranormal [More]
Mar 04
I just upgraded to Thunderbird 3.0 and am loving this email client. I have replaced the mail client on both of my macs and my desktop PC with Thunderbird 3.0. I highly recommend it! Go Mozilla!
Feb 15
I posted this once before, but lost it when I moved the blog contents here from, so I am re-creating the post. Have you ever wanted to email an ebay link to someone but hated copying and pasting the mile-long link? I don't know why EBay has to have such ugly, long links. There is a way to shorterize them yourself, without using a service like, or All you have to do is hand craft the link on <item number>. Here's the same item with the short link... [More]
Feb 08
And it is the finest Linux distribution I have ever used. I used to use SUSE back in the 2001-2004 time, before Novell bought it. I liked buying the boxed version at Best Buy or CompUSA. After Novell bought it, they jacked up the price and it went away from the retailers. I'd heard good things about this upstart Ubuntu distro and that is what I started using. When OpenSUSE came out, I stuck with Ubuntu, because I liked it. Recently though I was wanting to try out a new distribution on a Windows machine I was upgrading to Linux, and the OpenSUSE with the latest KDE blew me away. After getting my new Core i7, 27" iMac, I was thinking about setting up the Boot Camp partition with Windows 7, but thought I'd try OpenSUSE on Boot Camp. I downloa... [More]
Feb 07
I grew up on these wonderful petite dill pickles and always pronounced it "wuh jess ski - Y row bee". However I just now noticed that there is a letter missing from the first word that I always thought was there. Now I reach out to anyone with polish ancestry, to try to help me get the right pronunciation of "Weijske Wyroby".
Feb 02
In a recent article, Sarah Palin asks, "Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel?" The answer is clearly "No", but I take issue with Sara Palin's outrage over Rahm Emanuel using the word, "retarded" in the context he did. [More]
Feb 01
A quick javascript function for creating dynamic filler text, for texting website page layout. [More]
Jan 30
While waiting in the Denver airport, for an 11:10 AM flight to nashville, tennessee, I am sitting at a Quizno's in terminal A, that happens to be next door to a bar. The bar seems to be loosely associated with the Quizno's, because the barmaid keeps hawking Quizno's sandwiches and salads to the bar patrons. Many bar patrons are drinking beer, whisky and gin drinks at 9:00 AM. This would be totally unacceptable behavior outside of an airport setting. Apparently since airport patrons have been or will be traveling. The time zone excuse makes for a drinky drinkin' good time! The barmaid seems to be in her late thirties, and is enjoying the heck out of offering a "hot weenie" to every person who stops by. Apparently the Quizno's here ... [More]
Jan 24
I have had a Skype In number for a few years. When I first bought it, it cost me about $20 per year. I thought that was a good price for having a real number that people could use to call me on Skype. That and the ability to have Skype forward all calls to my cell phone when I wasn't at the computer, made my SkypeIn number very useful. Last year, when I went to extend the number for another year, the cost had gone up to $35 I think. I moaned, and paid it. It was still a good value. This year, I went to extend my Skype In number and see that it has increased again to $60 per year, plus they have changed Skype Out to a subscription-based service that they want $2.95 per month for. Skype Out used to be a service that came with... [More]
Jan 21
I am a software developer. I write software that targets the Microsoft .NET framework. I have switched to a Mac for all of my development work. You can too. About a year ago, I bought a 15" Macbook pro for my 16 year-old daughter, for her birthday. I was on a business trip to Oak RIdge, Tennessee and took her new laptop with me before i gave it to her. While on the trip, I fell in love with the operating system. For the past eight years or so, I have done all my work on a VMWare virtual machine. I haven't installed a development environment on my host operating system in as long. Therefore, the switch to Mac was seamless. I purchased VWare Fusion (for mac), ~$70, and just copied my virtual machines over to the new mac without a hitch. V... [More]